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A variety of methods are available for you to achieve your certification.

Online Training & Certification

Students may take online training remotely. Certification exams will be taken using the remote proctor system. This method is 100% online with no travel required.

Exam Only Certification

Students may skip training and take the certification exam. This method is available 100% online or in-person at our Holiday, FL, USA training center.

In-Person Training & Certification

Students may travel to our Holiday, FL, USA training center for in-person training. Courses are 3-4 days in duration. Please contact ElectroSpec for course schedule availability.

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IPC Standards

ElectroSpec sells digital download and hard copy versions of IPC standards at a discounted price. Save up to 25% off IPC non-member prices!

New IPC Standards

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Get certified by world class Master IPC Trainers.


Get certified to the most popular IPC standards in the world.


Training available in English, French, and Spanish languages.


Training available in English, French, and Spanish languages.


Training available in English, French, and Spanish languages.
IPC-A-600 Training
IPC CID Certification


Certified Interconnect Designer

Training available in English language only.

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Client Testimonials

Smitha Santhosh
IPC-A-610 Student
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I wanted to take the IPC-A-610 Specialist certification to enhance my work experience in the electronics industry. Luckily I found ElectroSpec’s training which was well suited for me to learn after work. It was available at a very competitive price. The quality of the video training is excellent. I went through the course material at my own pace. My instructor ensured timely communication with me and they were flexible enough to schedule the exam to a date I was comfortable with. I am happy to say I passed all the modules without the need for any retakes. Thanks to the excellent training, I scored more than 90% for each exam.
Rhonda Beckner
IPC/WHMA-A-620 Student
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ElectroSpec Training is an excellent provider of the required training to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard requirements. Each module in the training program was well designed and easy to follow as well as to understand. Their online courses can be completed at your own pace and in today’s world that is a great system for most people. I was able to complete the training and complete the test for the certification seamlessly using their system. I did not have to ask for help and was able to achieve the IPC/WHMA-A-620 CIS certification without having to worry about anything to do with how I was going to get it done. I will continue to use ElectroSpec Training in the future for my IPC certification requirements and I recommend them to anyone else that has the same certification requirements.
Prasad Godavarti, PhD
IPC-A-610 Student
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I attended the IPC-A-610 Rev H training, virtually (no live sessions). ElectroSpcec offered this as an option and as I am a small business, I decided this this was the best use of my time, my dollars, and my goal of being recertified. Electrospec met and exceeded all my expectations. Signup process was easy, and I got the link to start my virtual training sessions right away. The training material, slides, are the IPC approved charts (this is IPC policy for all trainers). The trainer also explained the key concepts that went beyond the charts. The presentation was clear and well-paced. The module review questions summarized the key concepts for each module, and I could work through the modules on my own time which was what I was looking for. I also opted for the remote proctoring of the final examination and the proctoring was accurate and honest. I had a bit of trouble logging in, but the ElectroSpec folks were supportive and helped me out. If you are a small business or a large one, I highly recommend this organization for your IPC training needs. I am looking forward to getting re-trained/certified by this talented outfit for IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC-A-600.