Requirements and Acceptance For
Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies


We are currently teaching Revision D of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard. If you require certification to a previous revision, please contact us.

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Certification Type

Certified IPC Specialist (CIS):  Anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of cables and wire harness assemblies. This includes Engineers, Quality Supervisors, Inspectors, and Manufacturing Personnel responsible for quality assurance.  Other great candidates are Purchasing, Receiving/Incoming Inspection, Sales, and Product/Program Managers to ensure hardware meets program requirements.

Certified IPC Trainer (CIT):  Anyone responsible for training, educating, and proctoring Certified IPC Specialists (CIS) for a specific IPC standard.

Certified Standards Expert (CSE) :  A subject matter expert with a high level of knowledge and understanding of a specific IPC standard, or group of standards, and will not conduct training of others.  Manufacturing Supervisors, Product Engineers, Process Engineers, and Quality Engineers with assembly responsibilities should consider becoming a CSE.

Certification Method

Online Training:  All IPC/WHMA-A-620 online training courses include the certification exam.  Upon purchase, students have 90 days with 24/7 on-demand access to view the training materials as many times as desired.  After students review the online training material and are ready to proceed, ElectroSpec will schedule the certification exam.  Please review the curriculum for more information.

In-Person Training:  All IPC/WHMA-A-620 in-person training courses are 4-days in duration, include the certification exam, and are offered in-person at our Holiday, FL training center.  Please contact ElectroSpec regarding  course schedule availability prior to purchasing.

Exam Only:  The exam only option, known as “challenge testing,” is offered if a student is re-certifying or already knowledgeable of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard and does not need to take a training course first.  ElectroSpec offers the exam only option for a lower price as compared to the online or in-person training courses.

Exam Language

Certified IPC Specialist (CIS):   English, Chinese, Czech, German, Danish, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Certified IPC Trainer (CIT):  English, Chinese, German, Danish, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Certified Standards Expert (CSE):  English and Chinese.

Exam Location

Remote Proctor (Online):  This is the most convenient, flexible, and value conscious option for students as travel is not required.  Using the IPC EDGE Learning Management System’s “Lockdown Browser,” students are able to take their exam anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  All that is required is a computer or tablet with camera and microphone, but please note that students will need to be able to download and install the “Lockdown Browser” in order take the exam remotely.  With this option, ElectroSpec is able to schedule a student’s exam for whenever they desire to take it.

Holiday, FL, USA Training Center:  This option’s schedule availability is more limited in comparison to the remotely proctored exam.  Students may travel to ElectroSpec’s Holiday, FL, USA training center location and take the exam in-person with a Master IPC Trainer (MIT).  Students will need to bring a computer or tablet to the training center for the in-person exam, however they will not be required to download and install the “Lockdown Browser.”

Electronic Standard

Revision D (released January 2020):   English, Chinese, Chinese (Zhöngwén), German, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Spanish.

Revision C (released January 2017):  English, Chinese, Chinese (Zhöngwén), German, Danish, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

How It Works:   After purchasing an add-on IPC/WHMA-A-620 electronic standard equipped with digital rights management (DRM), students will receive a link to download the standard directly from IPC. This process nominally takes 24-48 hours to occur. The electronic standard is for 1 individual license/user, but there is the ability to transfer the license between a single user’s computer at a later time if the IPC DRM Helpdesk is contacted. This ability would allow students to have full flexibility in changing from a personal computer to a company computer, or vice versa, if the situation arises.


Course Introduction:

  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Course Introduction

Module 1: General, Applicable Documents, Preparation, Measuring Cable Assemblies and Wires, and Testing:

  • Module 1: General (Section 1)
  • Module 1: Applicable Documents (Section 2), Preparation (Section 3), Measuring Cable Assemblies and Wires (Section 11), and Testing (Section 19)
  • Module 1: Questions

Module 2: Crimp Terminations and Insulation Displacement Connection:

  • Module 2: Crimp Terminations (Section 5)
  • Module 2: Insulation Displacement Connection (Section 6)
  • Module 2: Questions

Module 3: Soldered Terminations and High Voltage Applications:

  • Module 3: Soldered Terminations (Section 4) and High Voltage Applications (Section 20)
  • Module 3: Questions

Module 4: Connectorization and Over–Molding/Potting:

  • Module 4: Connectorization (Section 9) and Over-Molding/Potting (Section 10)
  • Module 4: Questions

Module 5: Ultrasonic Welding and Splices:

  • Module 5: Ultrasonic Welding (Section 7) and Splices (Section 8)
  • Module 5: Questions

Module 6: Marking/Labeling, Securing, and Finished Assembly Installation:

  • Module 6: Marking/Labeling (Section 12), Securing (Section 14), and Finished Assembly Installation (Section 17)
  • Module 6: Questions

Module 7: Coaxial and Biaxial Cable Assemblies:

  • Module 7: Coaxial and Biaxial Cable Assemblies (Section 13)
  • Module 7: Questions

Module 8: Harness/Cable Electrical Shielding and Cable/Wire Harness Protective Coverings:

  • Module 8: Harness/Cable Electrical Shielding (Section 15) and Cable/Wire Harness Protective Coverings (Section 16)
  • Module 8: Questions

Instructor Training Guide (CIT Only):

  • Instructor Training Guide (CIT Only)