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Specification For Rigid Printed Boards

Electronic Standard

For customers that require a standard but do not require certification, purchase your IPC-6012 electronic standard and Space Addendum at a price 15% less than IPC non-member pricing.


Electronic Standard

Revision E (released February 2020):   English, Chinese, German, and Japanese.

Revision E Space Addendum (released April 2020):   English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Revision D (released September 2015):   English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and Turkish.

Revision D Space Addendum (released September 2015):   English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish.

How It Works:   After purchasing an IPC-6012 electronic standard equipped with digital rights management (DRM), students will receive a link to download the standard directly from IPC. This process nominally takes 24-48 hours to occur. The electronic standard is for 1 individual license/user, but there is the ability to transfer the license between a single user’s computer at a later time if the IPC DRM Helpdesk is contacted. This ability would allow students to have full flexibility in changing from a personal computer to a company computer, or vice versa, if the situation arises.